Hank Progar, MBA

First, I’d like you to meet my Scottish Assistant, Bonnie.

She’s all ears, waiting for you to tell us what you want to accomplish.

Thought you might want to see Bonnie after her grooming session!
As an Risk Management Specialist teaching the self-employed, pre-retired and retired in Florida how to protect their assets and get affordable insurance plans and financial services … My expertise is to work with you to develop a program giving you a balance between what you want … what you really need … and your financial investment.

Working together you will have access to Affordable Insurance Plans … for pennies on the dollar, including Life Insurance and Health Insurance benefits … so you will have the money you need if your health fails you. At the same time, you can unlock finnancial growth for your long term retirement savings nest egg … with NO risk to losing your hard earned assets.

A little personal background … I have both an MSEE and an MBA with over 40 years in research, management and consulting. I am a self-employed business person, much like yourself, and thought I was knowledgeable about all aspects of business life. When my wife, Kay and I moved to Florida for personal family reasons in 2000, I started learning things that I never knew about health insurance … at least the way it is in Florida.

At the same time, like many of you, we experienced devastating losses to our retirement savings … as the S&P 500 plummeted 47% and there was blood in the streets. This was coming off a major real estate crash in Southern California, where our personal home and rental properties had decreased 55% over a seven year period, and were sold in 2000 for the 1988 appraised value.

Even though some good years followed, IRA accounts were bleeding again in late 2007 … along with Real Estate … and losses accelerated in 2008. All of this launched me into a mission to help others, and fuels the passion for what I do today.

Now, I show other self-employed individuals in the Central Florida area how to save money and protect the assets they have worked so hard to obtain … grow your assets with little or no risk … reduce your IRS bill with tax reduction strategies … reduce or eliminate probate court losses …and provide you peace of mind and “sleep insurance” so you can enjoy life and have fun doing what you do best.

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