Why Life?

Why should you bother with life insurance? It provides the basis for your overall financial strategy and allows you to plan for the future. Every day individuals benefit from life insurance. They enjoy security and protection because family members or loved ones purchased policies before their deaths.

Some people equate the need for life insurance with having a family. In fact, the value of life insurance applies to many situations — a parent raising a child alone, a couple with several children, a single person with parents who need care, or someone wishing to leave behind a lasting legacy.

Life Insurance:

Provides a basis for your overall financial strategy

  • Pays off when you least expect it to and helps when your family needs it most
  • Protects your family for a term of years, and benefits you (the insured) in case of survival
  • Relieves anxiety in adulthood and middle age, and relieves want from old age
  • Is the only plan that will guarantee a known sum at an unknown time
  • Provides children with guardianship, support, education, and social advantages until they are prepared to take on the burdens of life with adequate preparation
  • Builds up valuable reserves
  • Costs little and rewards greatly
  • Increase in value the longer you keep it
  • Ends only when you cash in on it

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