The newest and most talked about annuity, this vehicle has both a fixed interest rate, and a variable one which is linked to an index, usually the S&P 500 or Nasdaq index. As the indices rise, your interest rate rises, up to a stated cap. And since your gains are “locked in”, you’re not subject to market downturns as you would be if you invested in the market directly.

Fixed Indexed Annuities have consistently out-performed cds and money-markets, since their inception in the 90’s. Although past performance is no guarantee of future gains, only this type of annuity can give you maximum returns with no risk to principal.

Whether you’re a young couple looking to accumulate wealth for retirement, or a senior looking to supplement social security, a pension or to create a life-long income, we can help you acquire the ideal annuity to accomplish your goals.

CNBC Indexed Annuities

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit

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