Fixed Indexed Annuities

Annuities are long term vehicles that offer tax deferral, a variety of income options, and a death benefit.

Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIAs) are unique products that offer some of the guarantees of fixed annuities combined with the opportunity to earn interest based on changes in an external market index – without directly participating in the market.

Your money will not be affected by market index losses, and will only benefit from increases in a market index.

FIAs can be an important financial tool that provides earning potential while keeping principal safe from market fluctuation. These products offer a range of features that may include:

  • Various crediting methods
  • Allocation options to earn potential indexed interest
  • Bonuses
They continue to develop new and innovative fixed-index annuities that provide the guarantees of a fixed annuity with the potential for indexed interest.

Please understand that bonus annuities may carry higher fees and charges than annuities without the bonus feature.

Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the Insurance Company.

To learn more about our Fixed Indexed Annuities, please consult with your financial professional to see if a FIA is right for you.

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