If you’re losing sleep over how to pay for your family member’s assisted living or nursing home care, we might have the answer. Medicaid has allowed millions of Americans to get the care they needed, but couldn’t afford.

Did you know that Medicaid currently pays the bill for over half of all people living in nursing homes? So why isn’t every senior relying on Medicaid to pay for their care? Nursing home residents often don’t have Medicaid coverage because they…

don’t mind spending all of their money on assisted living or nursing home care before looking for other payment options
have long-term care insurance that pays for the entire cost of their nursing home care
believe incorrectly that Medicaid is only for poor people
don’t know how to become eligible and apply for Medicaid
We want to help bridge the information gap that is preventing you from getting the benefits you or your loved ones may be entitled to.

Get Rid of Restless Nights

Our team can take the weight off your shoulders and let you sleep again. It all starts with your Discovery Session, where you will get clear guidance on care options for your loved ones. From there, we move on to the implementation of your plan.


Many families wait until a payment crisis to discover the options they might have had, if only they had acted sooner. Don’t make that mistake.

We will help you identify your care needs and map out the best alternatives. Read more about how we can help make a difference for your family.

There are three steps to any Medicaid crisis plan.

First, we will get a handle on your current Medicaid eligibility. Are there any red flags from your past that we need to deal with? Gifts or transfers of assets to family members, friends, or even your spouse (really!) can cause a loss of Medicaid benefits.

But it’s not just obvious gifts that we need to look out for. In some cases, reimbursing a family member who has been helping out with the finances can be a problem. As can paying for goods or services without the proper documentation to back it up

Second, we will protect what assets we can. Protecting assets needs to be done carefully. One wrong move could result in a penalty lasting months or years, during which time Medicaid benefits will be denied.

Don’t do anything without fully understanding how it will impact your eligibility and the application process.

Third, we will apply for Medicaid benefits. The Medicaid application process is quite rigorous. The Department of Human Services will want to see everything you have done with your money for the last three years (and in some cases five years). If the caseworker finds anything not permitted by the rules, you may have to wait through a long penalty period before receiving benefits.

Becoming eligible for Medicaid could save you thousands of dollars each month on your nursing home bills. But it needs to be done right. We’ll help you find some calm waters on the other side of this storm that just came into your life.

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